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The BAGM Production Advantage

Classical Elegance, Old-Fashioned Service, and State of the Art Technology

At Bay Area Granite and Marble, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers the old fashioned way. That means offering superior products, top-shelf service, and above all, trust. But we approach fabrication with the latest technology to give you the very best end result possible. Here are some of the advantages BAGM brings to designing, fabricating and installing countertops:

  • Laser templates give precise and accurate plans and designs that can’t be matched by hand, as well as perfect communication from design to implementation, with no error or loss of information.
  • Custom layouts tailor our designs to your expectations and exactly match designs to your home and your needs. In particular, this method allows matching of natural grains to achieve a seamless beauty.
  • CNC fabrication techniques use computerized cutting, shaping, fitting and polishing techniques for the best in efficiency and quality. This ensures the highest quality finished product for each and every customer.
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